Le Louvre French Cafe

About Us



My name is Yakham. My wife and and I moved from Paris, France, to Tulsa in 2017 to rejoin our son and his growing family. What a great opportunity to bring to Tulsa, what we love and know best: Our french food and Culture.

We opened Le Louvre French Cafe in the Summer of 2017. As you may well know, we Frenchmen have very high expectations when it comes to cuisine. For this reason, we take much pride in serving our best every day such as warm and fresh croissants, quiches, savory and sweet crepes... let us not forget our delicious pastries. 

Apple tart

We have a mountain of different foods we want to share, so make sure you visit our french bakery regularly as you will always find new original and delicious foods. Don’t be shy to try them either, because “If it ain’t delicious, we ain’t selling it!”

To conclude the year of 2017, we have received the honor to be voted among the top 10 new restaurants and the top 3 bakeries in the Tulsa region by Tulsa World.

Birthday cake

Come immerse yourself in the Parisian atmosphere in Tulsa. At our authentic french restaurant, you will feast on crepes, croissants, and many other french delicacies.

À bientôt